• Tom Houston House Concert

  • 16 June 20:00 - 22:00
    Hosted by:
  • Those of you that have been to hear Tom before need no introduction to his music or the man but for those that have yet to listen to him.....

    Tom Houston writes songs of contrasts and depth. He sings them too. In 1962 Tom got his first guitar and within 10 minutes he had broken his first string

    Lennon, Macartney, Captain Beefheart, Leonard Cohen, Feist, Obscure Emotions, Little Moments, The state of the world. The unbearable Lightness of being, Dr Who, Love, Loss, Connection, Humanity, Reflections.

    Crystal House House Concert are always Free but we encourage you to give a donation that goes wholely to the Artist and because you'll love Tom's style as much as we do you buy one or maybe more of his CD's.