• Raise the Roof by Lucy Aphramor: The Naked Dietitian

  • 19 March 19:30 - 21:30
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  • How can we change food and weight messages to build a world that promotes body respect for all? Beyond this, how can we move the health conversation away from its fixation with personal responsibility to respond to austerity, trauma, depression and make sense of the Black Lives Matter movement?

    In this incredible tour-de-force, dietitian Lucy Aphramor tackles the answers with a lyrical wizardry woven through the gut-wrenching home-truths, showing how compassion, social justice and the power of story offer a radical liveable alternative.

    Age Recommendation: 16+

    I urge you to see it ***** EDINBURGH REPORTER

    An outstanding bold and vulnerable show from the literary lovechild of Allen Ginsberg and Jeanette Winterson SARAH MACINTOSH, BROADWAY BABY