• 7Scots 24hour Survival Challenge

  • 8 September 10:00 - 09 September 10:00
    Hosted by:
  • We are EXCITED to bring back this new challenge back for the second year after last years successes and extend it to a 24hour challenge at Fort George Barracks working together with The British Army 7 SCOTS Battalion.

    Could you survive in the wild for 24 hours with no technology, sleeping under a basher and eating nothing but food rations?

    Participate in team tasks/challenges and learn bush craft skills?

    To some people this would sound pure bliss...
    To others a total nightmare....

    Do you know someone that couldn't go a day without their home comforts?

    We are inviting individuals to register for this challenge and raise funds for MFR Cash for Kids. Registration Fee is £25.00 which will include a T-Shirt and we ask you each raised a min of £100.00 each.

    Please contact Allana for further details:
    E-mail: allana@mfr.co.uk
    Tel: 01463 227700