• Androgeny Alchemy & Ascension Meditation Evening

  • 18 March 19:30 - 22:30
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  • First we had a full moon at the start of the year. Then the end of January saw us experiencing a full moon, blue moon, super moon and lunar eclipse. On the new moon in February will be a solar eclipse. This year has started with a bang and the energies are set to continue in this powerful mode.

    Some of you may be experiencing distortions on either the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels, either in the form of fatigue, depression and many other light body symptoms. Some of you may have felt the frequent and enormous shifts in the energies that took place. As we move through the energies of this year, there is still work to be done to clear and purify.

    Staying in balance is certainly being a challenge. In support of this Sarina will be facilitating a number of high frequency healing meditations. The first of these will be to work on balancing the feminine and masculine principles within the etheric body. The second will enable you to experience the magic of alchemy healing as Sarina works with the brand new healing tool, Healing with Alchemy: Tools and Rituals for the Modern Day Alchemist. This powerful healing medium was created by Alexis Cartwright, founder and creator of Transference Healing ®. Our final meditation will bring in the crystalline frequencies of the Radiant White Light.

    On this evening a sacred space will be created that will support a divine healing process. Along with the spiritual energetic impact of the meditations, you will experience a transference shift and be supported in the integration of your lightbody.

    To help you in integrate the energies on a bodily level and also ground back into the physical, light refreshments will also be provided.

    Your investment: £25