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    Highland Youth Arts Hub

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    14 December 09:00 - 24 February 17:00
  • '"The delivery man himself was shocked by a large talking box but we 6 artists were intrigued by the ferry-terminal-style-voice telling us “there are no wrong ways to do art”.’
    The HYAH is taking part as one of many Scotland-wide partners in 'Art of the Future', a National Galleries Scotland outreach project. The aim is to encourage young people to explore the future in the context of place and time. Six young artists from across Highlands, Anna Strang, Cara Murray, Emma Cameron, Emma Ralph, Rosanna Dyke and Maddie Lennon, met at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery to partake in “Art of the Future”. In the coming months these six young artists will be creating new artworks, individually and as a group. This exhibition showcases some of their work. (Please note that Room to Discover is sometimes used for workshops and private bookings, and access to this exhibition may be limited at such times.)