• Craig Hill - Someone's Gonna Get Kilt!

    Stand up comedy
  • 30 March 19:30 - 22:30
    Hosted by:
  • Weegie believe it? Scotland's kilted comedy treasure is back - and we predict a riot (a riotous night of comedy that is...!) We love his high-octane shows and his tours are selling out in advance - so book early!

    Flat-out hilarious... I've not heard a room laugh so long and hard...There isn't anyone better at working a crowd...the audience was in absolute paroxysms of laughter... Genuinely funny.***** MIRROR

    Riotously funny! INDEPENDANT

    Riotous!***** HERALD SUN, AUSTRALIA

    Genuinely hilarious... Riotous! FEST
    Hill had everyone in hysterics from go to whoa... This is one highland fling youfll never regret... or forget! **** ADELAIDE ADVERTISER

    Absolutely hilarious... His spur-of-the-minute stuff, when he shoots straight from his kilted hip, Is priceless...laugh-out-loud performance from beginning to end... An hour with Hill makes for a cracking show.! **** LIST