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    DataFest18 - Driving creative industries with data (and pizza!)

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    23 March 12:30 - 15:30
  • A session dissecting the opportunities, sources and uses of data, and how it will drive businesses in the future.
    We all know that data is important - but how is access to data changing creative industries, and more importantly, how does it solve problems and create value for a small creative business? Tim Wright talks us through how data can drive the creative industries, and what it actually means for you - alternative finance, social media, collaboration and innovation.
    All that and pizza too!

    Tim Wright

    Tim is director and co-founder of Twintangibles a Scottish based consultancy that provides organisations with expert advice and guidance on data and knowledge management, collaboration, social media, open innovation and the crowd economy. He has provided advice to business of all sizes as well as OECD, European Commission and the Scottish Government. He is also advisor and ambassador for Unquoted and a member of the Scottish Internet Domain Policy Board.