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  • Free. Open 10 am to 3 pm every day, all year.

    ● Marvel at the magnificent Titanic 1:10 scale model which size allows you to go inside and explore the Parisian cafe’,the bridge and the Marconi wireless room.

    ● Get claustrophobic in the sphere of the replica Nautile submarine, one of the mini submersibles that dives 3 miles down to the Titanic.
    Send an SOS on the Marconi wireless and hear the awesome roar of the Titanic’s fog horn.

    ● Peruse the many images of the Titanic in the main building and view art deco ship posters of the era.

    ● Step on board and bait some creels on the Guiding Star,a West Coast creel fishing boat which was the last built at Inverness’s Thornbush slipway.

    ● Find things to see and do in the 10 1/2 ton steel wheel house of the Achieve fishing trawler from Fraserburgh’s east coast. Try on a survival suit - see how quickly you can do it.

    ● Explore a 45ft Watson class life boat that originally saved 58 lives. Dress up and pretend to be a captain, explore inside a life raft or play some Quoits and much more!

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    Mario Roszak
    14 December 2016
    good fun