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  • The company was founded by Magnus Houston, a local fisherman that spent over two years working his fishing boat in Cromarty. The business now supplies over 200 restaurants in the Highlands and Islands and Michelin-starred establishments in London. Fresh, sustainable, Scottish seafood can also be enjoyed at home with Fishbox, a home delivery subscription box of the highest-quality fish and shellfish.

    Fishbox now has over 1000 customers from across the UK that receive their seafood box weekly, fortnightly or monthly. With free UK wide delivery Fishboxes can be sent to desks and doors nationwide!

    Coast & Glen has also won Scot EDGE funding 2014 & 2015


    You’ve heard of veg boxes? Well we’d like to tell you about Fishbox! Developed to give you the chance to eat seasonal, fresh fish and shellfish sourced from Scottish waters.
    Eating seasonal seafood reduces the pressure on certain popular species. With over 80 types of fish and shellfish in Scottish waters for you to taste, we think you’re missing out by not trying a variety! Contents change daily depending on seasons and weather - so every fishbox is a surprise.

    Fishboxes are as close to eating “straight off the boat” as you get - without having to endure the Highland rain, wind and sea. We leave that part to the hardy fishermen, like Hamish, the lobster fisherman, from the West Coast of Scotland. Thanks Hamish!

    Where is our fish and shellfish sourced from?

    Fish and shellfish is carefully sourced using responsible, sustainable fishing methods from Scottish fishing boats and markets. Shellfish is sourced from small single-handed day fishing boats in remote and rural areas throughout the Highlands.

    We label our fish with where it came from, for example “Peterhead haddock” or “West Coast Langoustines” because we think it’s important to know where your food comes from.

    Scottish salmon is sourced from world renowned salmon farmers, “Wester Ross Salmon” who are the last independent Scottish salmon farming company.

    How it works…

    The freshly landed ‘catch’ from the boats and markets is delivered in the morning to Fishbox HQ. It’s then filleted and packaged – so there is no bones or fiddly bits for you!

    Individual fishboxes are then put together using the freshly filleted products and made up to your requirements. All you need to tell us is how many people the fishbox feeds, so we have an idea of portions, and if you have any preferences or allergies. So, if wrestling with a live brown crab isn’t your thing, just let us know.

    Your fishbox products are ready for you to cook up a storm, chill or freeze for a rainy day. There are long ‘best before’ dates on our products since our fish is so fresh - which means you can plan out your meals for the week.


    Fishboxes are sent next day delivery throughout the UK direct to your desk or door. They are small, temperature controlled boxes which don't leak or smell, so can be left somewhere safe and will stay chilled all day.

    So whether you want delivery to your London office or your house on the Isle of Skye, it’s no problem.

    How much does a FISHBOX cost?

    Choose from £25, £35 or £45 fishboxes. (Price includes delivery)

    Boxes can be set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

    Where can I sign?!
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    FOR THE CHEFS!.....

    Magnus has moulded Coast & Glen around its customers to deliver the same day when it can, so if you have a busy lunch topping up before evening service, its not a problem. We can phone you after evening service to get your order for the following day or you can leave a voicemail, text message or contact us on our facebook page. We do all this to make your business and ours run smoothly.


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