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  • Unlocking the mystery of whisky

    It’s what we do and it’s what we stand for.

    Deluxe whisky, especially Scotch Whisky is a wonderful thing. It is hand crafted from traditional materials, it takes years to mature and the selection of makes and flavours is seemingly endless. As a drink, it is of the highest quality and as a gift it is hugely successful.

    At The Whisky Shop we welcome more than 2.5 million customers every year across our growing estate of 22 shops in the United Kingdom. The most frequently made statement by those customers we welcome is “I know nothing about whisky, but...”.

    We are here to help. We un-complicate the apparently complicated. We speak in plain language and our service is legendary.

    You leave us with confidence in your purchase and with a little more knowledge of this beautiful product. And if you have visited our stores or joined our mailing list, you will receive a free copy of our world renowned magazine, Whiskeria.

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