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  • Hung Ga is a style of kung fu which centres around the attack and defense patterns of the tiger and the crane. Hung Ga Kuen means Hung Family Fist. This school is named after it’s founder Master Yee Chi Wai. It is one of the most popular martial art styles in Southern China.

    At Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy you will find a range of different classes to suit all levels and abilities.

    You will be taught the complete martial system of Hung Ga Kung Fu including:

    - Qi-gong meditation
    -Fighting techniques and applications
    - Many beautiful hand and weapon forms including Hung Ga’s unique Iron Wire Form
    -Traditional body conditioning and training methods
    - Sparring
    - Competitions

    There will also be the opportunity to gain extra knowledge through regular seminars and tests, helping you progress through the sytem and develop your skills.

    Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy has been recognised by the Martial Arts World as being champions in forms, fighting, weapons and lion dance.

    Private, semi-private and evening classes are available to train your mind, body and spirit.

    Student Discount is available.

    For information contact Sifu Simon Hepple


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