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    Highland Biodiversity
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  • Since the Highland Biodiversity Project was started in 2002, over £700,000 of new funding has been spent on biodiversity action and planning in Highland. Over two thirds of this money was targeted towards local biodiversity projects. Seven Local Biodiversity Action Plans have been produced, over 130 projects delivered and over 250 awareness-raising events held across the seven LBAP areas.

    Of larger strategic biodiversity issues, we have had the most success in delivering or initiating projects to tackle Invasive Non-native Species. We have mapped Priority Species and projects to control Giant Hogweed and Highland Rhododendron are underway, representing a spend of over £60,000 to date.

    The Highland Biodiversity Partnership comprises around 30 representatives of local groups and key organisations committed to understanding, safeguarding, restoring and celebrating biodiversity within the Highland Council area.

    Its purpose is to provide guidance and support to the existing network of local biodiversity groups, and to make progress on the key strategic biodiversity issues in the Highlands.


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